Futureproofing Your Practice Curriculum

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Full Curriculum is Approved for 3 CE towards AADOM Designations

Curriculum Overview:

  • Five easy-to-follow modules that are 20 - 45 minutes long each
  • Work through the modules in order on your own schedule
  • Summary and Next Steps with Thad Miller and Kim McQueen available for viewing after completion of module 5
  • Includes a 60 minute follow-up consultation with a DDSmatch Dental Practice Transitions consultant to develop a customized plan for the future of your practice

Modules include:

Business Valuation & Financial Planning, Presented by: Thad Miller, Kam McQuay, CPA and Scott Walloch, CPA

Review how dental practices are analyzed by certified valuation analysts with dental industry expertise. Their findings are fair, reliable and respected by banking institutions and will serve as part of the wealth management planning. Discuss what makes a dental practice valuable, what are some pitfalls to avoid and items to consider for future transition. 

Legal - Wills, Trusts, Sudden Change of Ownership, Presented by: Thad Miller and Brad Cohen, Esq.

Discuss the need to update or create critical legal documents to prepare and protect the practice assets and value in the event of an unforeseen death or disability to the owner. Review why it's important to have legal representation in a transition and the roles an attorney plays in the process and how to handle real estate or landlord discussions during a transition. 

Insurance Review - Fee Evaluation & Dental Membership Plan Evaluation, Presented by: Thad Miller, Shelley DeGroff and Katie Franklin

Comprehensive and customized consultation to review the current dental insurance plans in place in your practice. Isolate new plans to consider or plans to discontinue to achieve your ideal payer mix. Discuss the benefits of incorporation of membership plans in the practice.

Real Estate & Lease Review, Presented by: Thad Miller and David Durm, Esq.

Concise review of how real estate factors into a dental practice transition. Review options if you own your building or if you have a lease when transitioning. Discuss options of selling the practice and the real estate at the same time , and what to do if a potential buyer likes the practice but not the location of the building. 

Staying in Touch with Your Practice, Presented by: Thad Miller and Steve Jensen

Detailed review of how to track challenges, opportunities and strengths of the practice and staff. Understand how strong your team is, and how the strength of your team can determine the profitability of your practice. 

Introduction Presented by: Thad Miller 00:06:29
Module 1 (part 1)00:29:44
Business Valuation & Financial Planning (Part 1) 00:29:44
Module 1 (part 2)00:16:55
Business Valuation & Financial Planning (Part 2) 00:16:55
Module 200:23:07
Legal - Wills, Trusts, Sudden Change of Ownership 00:23:07
Module 3 (part 1)00:15:11
Insurance Review - Fee Evaluation & Dental Membership Plan Evaluation (part 1) 00:15:11
Module 3 (part 2)00:13:46
Insurance Review - Fee Evaluation & Dental Membership Plan Evaluation (part 2) 00:13:46
Module 400:21:28
Real Estate & Lease Review 00:21:28
Module 500:38:39
Staying In Touch with Your Practice 00:38:39
Summary and Next Steps00:13:22
Summary and Next Steps 00:13:22
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