Phone Skills Training Curriculum

Full Curriculum is Approved for 4 CE towards AADOM Designations

As an office manager, have you been in a position where a team member passes a patient call to you because they just don’t know how to handle it?

Perhaps you passed by your front desk and cringed as you heard a team member tell a patient who just canceled their appointment, “Oh, it’s ok.”

AADOM’s Phone Skills Training provides secrets and strategies to handle any phone call. This four-part series is an excellent tool for every team member, not just your front desk team.


Each module will conclude with a quiz and completion of the full course will provide you with a Certificate of Completion.

Module I00:50:58
Introduction to Phone Skills Training 00:01:09
Expect the YES, Forget the Rest! 00:49:49
Module 1 - Expect the YES, Forget the Rest Quiz
Module II00:57:19
Prevention is the Key to Assurance! 00:57:19
Module 2 - Prevention is the Key to Assurance Quiz
Module III00:59:32
Reactivation and Follow-Up 00:59:32
Module 3 - Reactivation and Follow-Up Quiz
Module IV00:36:04
Conflict Resolution with Patients 00:36:04
Module 4 - Conflict Resolution with Patients Quiz
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