Leadership 3.0 - Next Level Leadership

Attendees must hold a current MAADOM Designation.

Full Curriculum is Approved for 1 CE toward DAADOM Designation

Your practice systems are in place, you’ve set a foundation for your practice culture and now your focus is moving on to developing your team. What if some of the most commonly held leadership & management beliefs were simply wrong? Is it possible that the leadership style you are using is actually getting in the way of supporting your team’s growth & development? In your efforts to build collaboration and camaraderie with the team, do you often feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back? Are you feeling stressed? Do you wonder why you’re not enjoying your work more?

Are you willing to consider that what got you to this stage of success may not get you to the next level of effectiveness and success? After 30 years supporting dental teams, and as you step up to this next level of leadership, I’ll shed light on practical solutions and innovative strategies I’ve found make a meaningful difference for you and your team.



  • Discover the fallacy of myths like the “Always Have an Open Door Policy” & how they can sabotage your team development and practice growth
  • Recognize stress is the achiever word for fear & learn how to break through to release the tension that is holding you back and regain the joy in your work
  • Realize your primary role and your greatest leadership currency
  • Turn an attitude of “that’s not my job” into “how can I help?”
  • Learn the 5-most important words in leadership & embrace the game-changing opportunity of the reality that, “people support what they create”
Leadership 3.0 Curriculum01:15:00
Introduction to Leadership 3.0 00:02:50
Module 1 00:25:37
Module 2 00:24:34
Module 3 00:21:59
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