Huddle with AADOM Series: The 5 C's of Working Together Better, Presented by: Judy Kay Mausolf

This 4 Video Series is Approved for 1 CE towards AADOM Designations

Join us for our new Huddle with AADOM Series.  These short sessions will provide tips for you to use during your morning huddles. Our first series features Judy Kay Mausolf as she presents The Five C's of Working Together Better.

The Five C’s of Working Together Better are Clarity, Compassion, Compromise, Commitment, and Celebration!   These four short, easily digestible videos will help recharge your team culture!  These sessions will illuminate for people at an individual, team and organization level a clear focus and the objectives for the day.  Your team will walk away understanding how to recharge and implant positive practices in their personal habits, teamwork routines and the practice culture.

Huddle Recharger Objectives:

  • Recognize and utilize words and actions that support practice core values to create clarity
  • Understand and look for ways to show compassion and compromise throughout the day
  • Identify and make daily commitments to step up ownership and accountability
  • Discover opportunities to celebrate individual/department/team successes daily

The four short sessions need to be viewed in order and completion of the full series will provide you with 1 CE and a Certificate of Completion.

"C" Number One - CLARITY00:16:13
"C" Number One - CLARITY 00:16:13
"C"' Numbers Two and Three - COMPASSION AND COMPROMISE00:17:43
"C"' Numbers Two and Three - COMPASSION AND COMPROMISE 00:17:43
"C" Number Four - COMMITMENT00:19:53
"C" Number Four - COMMITMENT 00:19:53
"C" Number Five - CELEBRATION00:15:01
"C" Number Five - CELEBRATION 00:15:01
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