Insurance Essentials Curriculum

This curriculum is available to AADOM members for $295 and to Non-AADOM Members for $395.       Click HERE to register.

Full Curriculum is Approved for 4 CE towards AADOM Designations

Modules include:

  • Introduction to Dental Insurance
  • The Effective Insurance Coordinator
  • Insurance Conversations
  • Monitoring Insurance Impact

From the first patient contact to monitoring adjustments and profitability, insurance touches all aspects of your office’s patient flow. This curriculum will walk you through:

  • Common clauses
  • Insurance terminology
  • How to handle your contracts
  • Validating adjustments
  • Evaluating your participation decisions
  • The most difficult and common patient conversations
  • And more!

Each module will conclude with a quiz and completion of the full curriculum will provide you with a Certificate of Completion and 4 CE will be applied to your profile. You can stop guessing if you’re ‘doing it right’ – learn from AADOM how to be an effective insurance manager.

Module 101:02:00
Introduction to Dental Insurance 01:02:00
Module 1 - Introduction to Dental Insurance Quiz
Module 201:01:00
The Effective Insurance Coordinator 01:01:00
Module 2 - Effective Insurance Coordinator Quiz
Module 300:52:45
Insurance Conversations 00:52:45
Module 3 - Insurance Conversations Quiz
Module 400:54:30
Monitoring Insurance Impact 00:54:30
Module 4 - Monitoring Insurance Impact Quiz
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