Manager Moments Curriculum

Full Curriculum is Approved for 3 CE towards AADOM Designations

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get it all done during the day?   Are you trying to build a strong team that functions efficiently? Oh, wait, are you dealing with drama queens/kings on your team?  Well, we've got a series of education JUST - FOR - YOU!

Our AADOM Manager Moments is a group of three learning modules covering Time Management, Team Building and Managing Drama.  Join AADOM member Laura Hatch, FAADOM as she leads you through these challenges and helps you develop a plan for dealing with each effectively.

Participants receive certificates of completion for each session and the Manager Moments Series is approved for 3 CE toward AADOM Designations and is also AGD/Pace approved.

Sessions include: 

Time Management Session - Presented by Laura Nelson, FAADOM
As a dental office manager, time is usually in short supply as we are responsible for so much of the business and oversee every area of the practice. Improving time management skills requires a strategic approach to reviewing where your time is being spent and then determining what can be revised to alleviate as much of your attention and dedication as possible. In this video, Laura discusses ten things you can do to improve your time management skills and allow for more of your efforts to be focused on the items truly deserving of your attention.

Managing Drama Session - Presented by Laura Nelson, FAADOM
Office drama is a reality for all too many of us – and truly a toxic to the spirit of community we are working so hard to bring to our practices. In order to eliminate drama, we must first identify the source of the issue and take a holistic view of the office to accurately determine any and all contributing factors. In this video, Laura provides an overview of how detrimental gossip can be to an office, and suggests several components of practice leadership, culture and operations to review.

Team Building Session - Presented by Laura Nelson, FAADOM
The goal of team building is to create a cohesive environment where every member feels valued, respected and cared for by their coworkers which therefore allows them to contribute to a high-performance team. However, accomplishing this ideal work environment is not an easy task and there are some key components to know if you want to implement successful team building. In this video, Laura explains the purpose of the team building process and details the necessary aspects of a successful team building journey.

Session 100:45:07
Time Management 00:45:07
Session 200:45:50
Managing Drama 00:45:50
Session 300:41:03
Team Building (part 1) 00:22:48
Team Building (part 2) 00:18:15
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