Dental Assistant to Practice Administrator (DA to PA) Curriculum

Full Curriculum is Approved for 5 CE towards AADOM Designations

The DA to PA curriculum is designed for anyone who is being cross trained or considering making a move to the role of Practice Administrator.

Module 1 - Role Reversal

  • Are you ready?
    • Discuss the changes and challenges ahead
  • Do you have what it takes?
    • Review the potential adjustments you could experience when moving from a position of constant movement to a job requiring more desk time

Module 2 - Education is Key

  • What does your new role entail?
    • Review what new responsibilities may fall to you
  • Education is key to success
    • Understand the dedication needed to learn the ins and outs of your new role

Module 3 - Tackling Obstacles

  • Priorities
    • Learn how to recognize the most pressing challenges facing your practice and how to tackle them
  • Goals
    • Discuss how to develop goals and incentive to help your team and your practice grow

Module 4 - Leadership

  • Establishing yourself
    • Review steps to assure you establish yourself as the leader with your team
  • Gaining respect/Understand the importance of communication
    • Explore how to overcome team feelings of "you're just the dental assistant, how are you going to manage us?"

Module 5 - Building Your Practice

  • What's Next?
    • Discuss the next steps to build a plan to take your practice to the next level

Each module will conclude with a quiz and completion of the full course will provide you with a Certificate of Completion and 5 CE. 

Module I00:34:09
Introduction to DA to PA 00:01:09
Role Reversal 00:33:00
Module 1 - Role Reversal - Quiz
Module II00:56:00
Education is Key 00:56:00
Module 2 - Education is Key - Quiz
Module III01:02:00
Tackling Obstacles & Issues 01:02:00
Module 3 - Tackling Obstacles - Quiz
Module IV01:07:00
Leadership 01:07:00
Module 4 - Leadership - Quiz
Module V00:48:00
Building Your Practice 00:48:00
Module 5 - Building Your Practice - Quiz
Next Steps00:02:40
Next Steps 00:02:40
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